Kid’s Date Night

Kid’s Date Night

Monthly Tradition  

Having four kids presents a challenge when it comes to one-on-one time with each kid. Often times #1 and #2 are in the same activities and are able to go to the same events and even end up at each other’s sports practices. Because they are less than two years apart, this means they are treated as a duo instead of individuals.  On the flip side, they also have a built in playmate. 

During the week #3 is at school in the mornings and naps in the afternoons, so he doesn’t currently get as much individual time with either of us parents. Since I’m at home with Little Miss all day, she gets lots of one-on-one time. 

I believe it’s important each kid gets the one-on-one time they need to be heard and seen as their own person. When the kids are in a group, they may not communicate what they need at that time. To help my husband and I ensure each kid is recognized as a special, unique person, we instituted “Kid’s Date Night.” Every month we celebrate each of our children in two ways. 

  • Dinner of their choice
  • An hour of uninterrupted time with mom and dad 

On the day of the month each child was born (i.e., if they were born on the 2nd of January, every 2nd of the month is their date night), the child gets to choose dinner and have an hour of time with only mom and dad. The other kids get to read in mom and dad’s bed while date night is happening. 

It starts when you turn 4, and we were recently reminded it only lasts 15-30 minutes at that age. As the kids get older it turns into an hour every month. And although it may not seem like much time, it’s reassuring to know this time is carved out for each kid. As the kids get older, it’s probably even more important to know this time is scheduled as bigger issues arise. 

Date Night Meals

Anything goes for the dinner meals, assuming it still covers the carbohydrate, protein, fruit and veggie structure. The meals selected are typically related to mac and cheese, since I don’t include those on our meal plans. I figure if the kids are already going to request; there’s no need to double up on it. Sometimes they request takeout from a restaurant (Panera, Portillo’s, Chipotle are the current faves). 

Date Night Activities  

The activities vary from Legos, building spy gear, writing a book, playing board games (Life, Risk, Monopoly),  For some of the longer games like Risk, we’ve recorded which countries everyone had when we paused the game and then finished the game on the next date night. 

More Birthday Celebrations

This is just one of the ways we celebrate our kids. Check out the Birthday Celebrations post for other ideas. Comment below to let me know how you celebrate. I’d love new ideas! 

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