Weekend Recap 44 Time Change

Weekend Recap 44 Time Change

Weekend Recap #44

Friday – Survivor and Beyblades 

This weekend we were at home and didn’t have too much planned. Friday night we watched Survivor and so far each of us (B, me, #1, and #2) have now lost at least one person from our team. Afterwards we celebrated #2’s Date Night and had a Beyblade tournament. For those unfamiliar with Beyblades or “beys” as they are called in our house. They are metallic or plastic three part spinning tops that also have launchers and the goal is to see whose bey can spin the longest or “burst” and break the other spinning beys. It seems to be pretty popular in the K-3 elementary ages.  


Saturday – Library and Football 

Saturday I took #1 and #2 to the library for a few hours. #1 worked on research for his “Christmas Around the World” project for 4th grade. His country is Puerto Rico, which is super fun because he went there with his brother’s baseball team in February. I spent the time working on blog posts while #2 started writing a book. 

The Notre Dame football game was on Saturday afternoon so B, #1, and #2 watched while #3 and Little Miss napped. I watched parts of the game and baked pumpkin bread. 

In the evening B took #1, #2 and met up with their friends for dinner and the local high school football playoff game. Definitely too cold for my liking so instead I took #3 and Little Miss to a friends house where some of the moms met up and had chili and good conversation.


Sunday – Time Change

Sunday morning we experience time change. I’m one of those people who loves, loves, loves getting up early (well assuming babies and kids didn’t wake up a lot during the night). So when time change happens, I love how even easier it becomes to get up early.  We went to 9 am mass on Sunday morning and it felt like there was so much time since Little Miss was up by 5 that morning.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet and I was stir crazy. It felt like such a LONG day! Now I’ve been sitting with the thought of “how do I want our weekends to feel?” I’m a big fan of making sure the kids have unscheduled down time, and this was our first weekend without any sports activities scheduled. We have a long weekend ahead with so I know I’ll want to anchor our days with at least one activity. 


What I Am Excited About Now  

This week is a short week for the kids because of conferences and Veterans Day. We don’t have too many plans – maybe go bowling and to a movie. It’ll be nice to hang out. Although after this weekend, I hope to add a little structure to it and give each day some kind of theme. 


Comment below and let me know – what are your favorite things to do with the kids when they have a long weekend or a day off from school?

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